Had a busy day yesterday..well, not so much busy..more like focused on the one task. I started work on the first tack of my next album and it really came together better than I could have expected it to..in fact, I nearly finished the track in one sitting. I say "nearly", as there are some changes to be made to it and a little tweaking of the basic arrangement..but over all I'm more than happy with it.

The funny thing is it's going to be the last track on the next album..it's just got that kind of feel to it and is certainly epic sounding enough to warrant that position. As for the rest of the album..I haven't really any solid ideas about the number of tracks at this stage, though I do have some regarding melodies and the likes..so it's not a total mystery. :

On the home front, things remain mostly the same, with no new news.

Catch you guys later.