Last Sunday, January 5th, saw the public release of my "long awaited" debut album "War & Peace". The "event" was a big one for me and my family..a personal milestone in my life and one I am very proud of to be honest. So far the feedback that has trickled in is very positive and encouraging, giving me a little boost and spurring me on to complete my second album, which is well underway and near completion.

Anyway, I thought I'd share about it here..and if anyone is remotely interested in checking it out, then you can do so over at BandCamp..

It is offered in CD and digital download format and all tracks can be previewed on the page linked to above. Obviously, it goes without saying, any and all feedback will be really appreciated. Speaking of which, I would be REALLY interested in hearing which of the track you liked LEAST and why you think it didn't work for you.

Having said that, I sincerely hope you enjoy what you hear..if you so bother to check it out.