Well, it's been a while since I last posted to my Blog here on AO and I just got the urge to do so again..don't really know why, but that's how it goes I guess..well, with me anyway. That was about 7 or 8 months ago..and a lot has been going on in my life, just as I'm sure it has for everyone else here.

I think the most important thing on the music front for me during that time was the decision I made to distance myself from the music I put out there..not in some half-arsed attempt to become enigmatic or anything like that, but as a result of a number of contributing factors, which each pushed me towards making the move to keep my private life private and my music tied to the Ambient Mechanics moniker. On a related point, that's why I haven't submitted anything for the recent AO Compilation releases, as I didn't want to submit my personal info and couldn't come up with some sort of bio in place of the same..but I'm sure I will in time, once I give it some more thought. :biggrin:

I think I've finally accepted the fact that this labor of love..making my kind of music..is never going to be much more than a "full-time hobby" for me, but I'll continue to do just that for as long as life allows me to..however long that may be. It's not like I seriously thought I was destined for fame and fortune..anything but..but I guess there has always been a kind of childish yearning for a kind of success that was a little more tangible..but given the way the whole music industry in general seems to be headed these days, I supposed things as they are could and should have been expected.

Forgive me if this all reads like I'm either depressed, gazing inward too much..or both: neither are the case in fact..it's just life has kinda made me sit up and take stock of everything and forced me to take a cold hard look at where I am and where I'm going.

Music has been..and always will be..fun for me, I live for it..to both listen and create it; it defines who I am as a person and I could never imagine my life not being able to do either. So, no matter what the future holds, I know I'll go on making my kind of music and that's the way I'm approaching the task from now on. No more wondering what people want or what I should do to grow a following..no thought to some sort of musical style, which might better my odds of producing music that will be perceived as being more popular..and not giving a damn about having the "right image" in order to come across to the masses.

I..and no doubt most of us..are guilty to some degree of all of the above, at some stage along the musical road we travel in life..and I know I have given my fair share of thought to all of these points in the past..but no longer. I care not a jot what others may nor may not think about what I produce anymore..if some like it, then I'm obviously glad they do..but I know and accept there will always be far more who don't..again, not being negative, just being realistic, given the nature of the genre in which I work. All of this came to head for me around mid-May of this year and has been at the forefront of my mind ever since.

My last album of original work was "Retro", which was released as a free download nearly a year ago, on 27th of September, 2014. This was followed on 24th March of this year by the release of "AEP8​.​1: Ambient Mechanics [The Tide] Tidal Remixes" on the Altered Echo Project label, which..as the title clearly states..was a body of remixed work..and there hasn't been much from me since then, even though I've been busy every day since. My studio PC's drive is full of tracks in various stages of compilation..some are merely "stand-alones"..tracks produced or started on a whim, while others are tracks I've held back for future release, as part of planned album projects I currently have simmering on the studio back burner..the next one being the album "Exosphere", which should be released in a few months time. It's basically good to go at this stage, with the artwork ready and most of the tracks finished..but, as I already posted elsewhere on here, I view it as actually being about half done, as there is still the mastering side of it to deal with and I'll be tackling that myself, too. After that, I can't really say, as I'm just taking things one day at a time from here on out.

OK..enough from me for now.