I can't be away from music.

I've sold enough to get me back on stable ground for now, so I'm not going to sell my interface and monitors. I'm going to re-buy Cubase, and keep IKM Total Studio, Reaktor, and re-buy Shreddage2.

Mark worked a bunch of overtime last week, so with my sales, I'll be able to pay off some bill and have some left over for next month's server bill.

I'm really happy we have this server. I had to upload 75GB of ISOs for someone in the UK and it was quick to upload.

After that, we should have our businesses running, so paying the bills shouldn't be a problem. :)

A big shout-out to everyone who has donated or taken the opportunity to do a Paid Subscription. That really helped to getting closer to being able to pay our server bill. :thumbsup: