I have my death template file all ready to make some noise.

Now that I have everything I really need, I'm still wondering if I should trade Reaktor for Kontakt, as I really like the palm mutes and some of the long sustains on EEG Strawberry, though for the type of music I'll be creating for a while it won't be good as a main guitar.

Shreddage2 has up to 8x round robin with randomization, so it's perfect for long, quickly repetitive runs of single notes. EEG Strawberry doesn't have that feature, and many fewer round robin samples, so you really get that machine gun effect.

I do miss some of the features of Superior Drummer, too, but I think that I'll mostly be able to get by with HALion4 for drums.

Bass is another story. Right now I'm using HALion4, but I think I'd like to get a dedicated bass library. Probably one of NI's. They're sampled down to low-B and have any-interval slides.

I'm thinking P-Bass so when I buy Komplete again I won't double up on bass libraries (comes with MM-Bass).

These things will need to be put on hold until we're actually making money, though. We're just squeaking by at the moment. No money for additional music purchases.

And in case you're wondering why I'm looking at bass libraries when I have a real bass, I'm just really not that good. :blush: Especially not for the type of music I'll be creating over the next few months.

Template file, check.
Track titles, check.
Continuous music running through my head that I'll be able to take from to complete an album, check.

I think I'm good to go. :thumbsup: