I'm so sorry, everyone. I just haven't had any time at all for music. Not mine, nor anyone else's.

We're in the midst of setting up two businesses, and our garage is where we've been living for a couple of weeks now (not literally).

I should be back at it again in the next couple of weeks, developing new features for AO and posting more, but we gotta find a way of getting Mark out of his current job. It's killing him from the inside.

Soon we'll be making signs and cat towers. Mark is a sign guy and has been his entire life, and we both love cats. I honestly don't care what I'm making as long as I'm working for myself, but lately my cats have become my life, and I want to be able to provide them with the best cat towers and shelves possible, so I'm very happy I'll be doing that. :)

We just got done building a support table for the 4'x8' CNC router that we're building, which will allow us to make all manner of stuff. Not just 2.5d, either, but full, 3d objects. Kinda goes hand-in-hand with one of my hobbies; 3d modeling. Just to be clear, though, we're not building a 3d printer, which is an additive process, but a 3d router, which is a subtractive process.

We're excited for the possibilities we have in front of us. We worked for ourselves for a short time a while ago, and that was the best time in both our lives, and we want to recapture that experience, and all of the benefits and responsibilities that go with it.

I'm still reading AO, just not posting as much. :cry: