Well I have to say since being a member on here, I have thoroughly enjoyed it immensely & will keep on doing so, the amount of different topics there is to read, especially the Off Topic posts, I think there great & certainly add that whole breath of fresh air to the site & of course the Podcasts to. Speaking of which I think the Podcasts is a fantastic idea for all musicians/artists alike to contribute to, especially for those who are just starting out learning to make music & searching for that extra bit of inspiration, but the kind of inspiration that will take their passion for music that extra bit serious, like boosts of new confidence will be born in them.

The music on here submitted by the members is absolutely overwhelming, it really is, the amount of education that can be read/learned & digested is there, hardware/software, the many posts on mixing, there is so much stuff to read here, am sure even the most experienced musician has learned a thing or two.

I only joined here Oct just gone & am never off the site, I have even fallen asleep being in here lol. The friendly atmosphere in here is the key factor though I think, that's what I really love about the vibe in here, its a comfortable feeling, like everyone here has something in common, but not just in music, in a lot of topics to, ok yes there is other forums out there on the net that offer the same thing, but am not talking about them other sites, am talking about Ambient Online, its a weird but nice feeling, like when I have been in other forums before today well I have always felt a little jittery about posting something, but in here I have never felt that once. Am just so glad that I am a part of this site and I know it will grow much stronger, much vibrant throughout 2014.

The love and passion for ambient music is growing & growing & growing, hardwares/softwares are rapidly changing all the time by the micro second and what better place to come and read about such stuff, even the layout of the site is cool to, like its not to loud, but not to dull also, its just right somehow, like it fits just right, but its the members on here that make this site a truly wonderful gathering place to come to.

Make a sandwich & a cuppa, sign in & take a time out from the inputs & outputs of cigarette ashed & coffee stained consoles and just enjoy the beautiful Podcasts whilst indulging the variety of topics that there is to read here.

Relax & Enjoy Ambient Online