When I was first asked by S1gns if it would be ok to have some of my tracks used for the next Podcast, I nearly fell over myself, I really did. I felt truly honoured to be asked something like that. Ok there is the many options of being able to play your music online, like Myspace, SoundCloud or even Facebook, but when someone actually asks someone if it would be ok to play some of their tracks for the next aired compilation, well its almost indescribable the feeling of excitement and not to forget the mention of them little boosts of confidence that comes with the excitement to.

Those boosts of confidence really made a difference in me. Like my music is actually going to be a part of another compilation of other musicians to, someone has made that happen, they have taken an interest in my work and personally asked me to. Now that just blows me away totally. To others it may be like, oh big deal, or big wow, fair enough. But to me its them little things that make all the difference, especially for the newcomers to this site. I know when they are asked that very same thing as I was, I know they will feel exactly the same feeling as I did and that is what is important here, its that crucial feeling, like a hungry feeling, ridddled with passion and dedication, only tiny boosts of confidence can make those feelings grow much stronger, much more vibrant and energetic, dynamic, the list goe's on. All that good stuff, healthy stuff made possible by Ambient Online. I thank you tremendously for giving myself that opportunity.

Sometimes when I fall into that terrible trap of writers block and we all know what that feels like, well I will usually just jump onto my favourite site and just read. The many topics on here is well worth the personal time, I really like the members names to, all very inspirational stuff, like their names can be used for titles of tracks, even the avatars used for their profiles, all good stuff, like the names and the avatars all blend in really beautifully with the layout of Ambient Online, like it all connects somehow, like it was meant to be. The members music here is also scattered all over, plenty of rich harmonics, moody soundscapes, dark drones, the weird and wonderful music that one may not hear elsewhere. And definitely the kind of music someone may be searching for to.

But a tip here for anyone reading this, especially to those who are not members and also to those seeking for that extra mental stimulation, well at the top of this page you will see (third from left) AO Podcast, hit that and BAM!! you will be introduced to a whole host of sudden brilliance, music made by the members of Ambient Online, hit any link in the inscription, hit play and then I will guarantee you will be taken on a journey on board the ambient spaceship itself, then whilst you are listening, allow yourself to just go with the music and I will guarantee inspiration will come knocking on your door, that terrible ugly trap of the dreaded writers block will disappear and you will feel like making music, or even writing that paragraph that has been wrecking your head because of the writers block, get your charcoals out and sketch away, paint to your hearts content.

But yes I think it would be fair to say that Ambient Online has saved me.