Well I have started another project as the other one I was working on had led me to this new world of techno. So now I have started this new techno project I must admit I am having a lot of fun with it. I got some of the old acid going & I got a nice drum beat's going to. It's been a long time since I actually done something like this before, so it's exciting to do something totally different to what I have been doing being dark moody ambient stuff.

Of course this can add a really refreshing feel to my music on Sound Cloud and as I have always been a techno fan mainly of the old skool era, well let's just say I feel very confident about this new project. I am thinking snippits from films, reaching for my old cassette tapes (20 years of them, no really there is) I got cassette tapes with Korg Delta Analogue & Korg Poly 61 on them, I got Roland's 606/626 on them and A Roland SH 101 to of which I borrowed off someone back in 94 (oh lordy lordy were doe's time go) I did all these tapes using the old fashioned way of multi-tracking, 3 casstte tape machines and a Roland JX 1. Thinking back now, I remember I was hooked on recording Deep Space Nine a lot with a beatbox sitting next to my telly (television) and recording the show. Once recorded I would then nip into my bedroom studio and whack the cassette into one of my machine's and just have it playing, whilst another cassette tape machine would be recording it and me having the time of my life with my outboards playing over it.

But yeh now I got all these cassette tapes, one particular one I have been editing a lot, so now am thinking of using some of the Roland SH 101 fx I have on it, this particular cassette tape is mainly based around using the Roland SH 101 and the Roland 606, ooooh what a beautiful drum box, I ended up selling it back in 2000, but I won't get started on that just now, as it has always been a massive regret of mine and I still hurt in me deeply because of it.

Anyway on a good note.... I am going to make a coffee and get back to this wonderful exciting new project of mine, the particular cassette tape I have been playing/editing is great, I am just so glad that I never got rid of them cassette tapes, I mean anyone who would, would be a loony right, I am just living in a world of cassette tapes and because of them I can get back to the old skool.