Well I have been here now for nearly 4 months and in all that time I have learned an awful lot of the most finest music education that a site like this can offer. Yes there are other sites to that I could join and I have joined quite a lot before today, but there is just something about AMBIENT ONLINE that makes it that extra special. First off, I have never felt anywhere else really how I can feel that confident with posting like I have done so on here. I have never once felt jittery or shy in any way, the people on here are the most friendliest group of people I have ever really met since I have been connected to the internet. But the threads in here really are mind blowers. The amount of information here is crammed even in the most tiniest of spots. All them nooks n crannies have the basic tools to build them musical bridges that we even had to cross once and I am still enjoying every step of the way and I will keep on doing so. There is just no end to the amount of learning I can achieve in here. And I don't want it to end either.


Earlier I was listening to a track called Breath by whatsisname on SoundCloud. In the song it got to a point were I was thinking of Assault on Precinct 13 directed by John Carpenter, because there were particular keys being played in Breath that reminded me of that film. I remember as a nipper I absolutely loved that sound track and as I got older the feeling always remain the same. But the point I am making is, that's what I love about the music in here, it doe's that for me. Like how I have always felt when listening to a sound track in a horror film rather than watching the moving images. Like many times I have gone onto you tube and checked out a movie trailer and the comments below will slag the trailer off saying things like, crap acting, oh don't tell me another zombie flick, I can act better than them, you get me drift..

So every time I see this I wonder if they actually listen to the music to, because I have never really saw lot's of comments praising the music. You see am the kind of guy who will nip into town and pick up a cheap horror dvd knowing ok I have paid £3 for this and I know for an actual fact that there will be some thing on that dvd that will get my creative juices going. And that's exactly what Breath did for me, it got my creative juices flowing, it gave me that nostalgic feeling, memories of when I was a lad listening to my dad's records and watching films like Assault on Precinct 13. That's what music is made for, for helping us all to remember thing's we may not remember when were say washing the dish's or putting the leccy in the meter, making a hot meal, standing at a bus stop lol.

And that's how it feel's being a member here on AMBIENT ONLINE. Only much much more better. Since being here I have learned to watch my grammer. It was my friend who pointed it out as I would send him link's to my post's on here. He would say richy why so many spelling mistake's lol, but of course I just said well I am a scouser so I will type-spell exactly how I pronounce words verbally, broken english or inglish lol, so anyway I thought about it and then thought about it a little more, then when I would post on the threads I would watch my grammer.

Just bare with me here....

And then it happened. When I first appeared on Pod Cast 23. I can tell you now it was like this new confidence in me showing it's head for the very first time in my life, no but really, am serious, it was an amazing journey and it was from that moment that I really began to feel like this place is actually taking me seriously, giving me a chance to express myself in such a way were I have never felt like this before. I mean getting asked if I would like to submit one of my track's for the next Pod Cast, I was flabbergasted m8. And it's since that first appearance that not only can I feel comfortable about posting in the thread's but also my spelling has improved to lol. Confidence is a life saver, it really is, just that little bit I suppose would be like going to the corner shop and buying a pound of confidence and a bag of self esteem.
Only I came to AMBIENT ONLINE the biggest corner shop in the universe.

AMBIENT ONLINE helped me to feel confident about my music, but mostly about myself.