I have only just in the last half hour or so crawled out of me pit. Eyes still stinging from lack of sleep, not good I know, just sat here now drinking black coffee and smokin me rollies (cough) Last night was an eventful time for me. I managed to get some work done for the upcoming Online Compilation Volume:2. It's coming on quite well. I have a basic arrangement going sounding a little out of sync, but somehow managing to stay in touch with the metronome. I prefer a tune like that as it can sound much more like life is creeping in and finding it's own way, slightly unbalancing the tune but keeping it steady on it's feet at the same time. That way a track will not appear to much robotic sounding, like the option is there to keep everything together in perfect sync, but as I said I prefer that slightly out of sync feel like an improvised jazz piece.

I also managed to succeed in almost finishing a track I started some months ago. I took out the drums I previously added and instead threw in a drum n bass drum loop, but chopping up the beats as I went along. I brought the beats down a few oct's to give them a more dark feel and added 3 different bass's. A sub bass of course (love me subs me) then a second sub but spliced to 3 repeat notes to 1 bar and a third bass being a bass lead measuring in a very sharp and squelchy sound like that of an acid feel. Of course I have some strings happening and the occasional bleeps here n there, but you know that sound you want but can't really explain it in words, but you can feel it within you, can almost taste it even, the idea is lingering inside of you waiting patiently to be plucked and produced for a track, well that's what I am feeling for this dark drum n bass tune, that final touch to make for a nice beginning/middle & end.

Oh well back to the drawing board as they say. Will make another coffee and get back to work. As much as I don't really tend to deadlines, well at the moment I can feel a slight pressure building for the Ambient Online Compilation Volume:2. It gives me the idea of how a musician may feel being under pressure trying to meet a particular time & date. That's were the tools of the trade come into play. Using your musical knowledge to build that foundation first, then once a basic arrangement is built, then the textures/drones/scapes/fx can be added. Staying aware of the panning, the balancing of the track, that gut feeling telling you to leave something particular alone.