Mid-July and I'm exactly where I envisioned myself to be in the middle of summer. Cruisin. In my line of work, the summer months are notoriously the slowest. While my wallet doesn't appreciate slow business, my music loves it. More time off = more time in the studio and that's exactly what I've been up doing. Wake up in the morning, smell the green tea, and hit the DAW. No better feeling as a producer.

I'm juggling a bunch of different stuff which I suppose is good because if I follow through on everything, I'll have a bunch to show for it. I have "plans beyond plans" as they say...just trying to chip away at each thing one day at a time. While I can't reveal everything that I'm doing just yet...just know that it's VERY exciting stuff. Very exciting indeed. How's that for an exclusive S1gns blog teaser?

Now if you'll excuse me, I have well over 15 gigs of .rar's to unpack and install from the Patchpool sale. The sale of the century, deal of a lifetime for sound hungry ambient producers like me.