Been awhile since I blogged...but it's been awhile since I had a Sunday night with not much to do except listen to other people's music (listening to a 15 minute preview of Hilyard's new album, out Dec. 21st!) and just relax. But here I am. So much has happened since I last wrote a personal blog entry...and without feeling the need to summarize what all those happenings are, I'll just summarize for you. We launched The Ambient Music Conference 2014, Released numerous podcasts and had some very enlightening and entertaining guests on the show, been working like crazy on the new Ascendant record with my man Phase47, going to be mastering Aphelion's new drone EP...need I go on? There's probably other stuff I missed, but I'll stop there to not overwhelm anyone who's reading this. :whiteflag:

I really can't be much more motivated and inspired right now. Being one of the main performers and organizers for The Ambient Music Conference 2014 is an absolute honor...and a TON of work! We really had no idea what we would be getting into when we created such an event. But now that we've announced it (it took us 5 months of planning to get to this point!) it's only been more exciting for me to be an integral part of such a unique event. It continues to grow each day and I encourage any of you reading this, if it is at all possible to plan a trip next year and make it to our event in Helsinki, won't be disappointed! It's going to be amazing.

The new Ascendant album...are you guys ready for this? I realize the expectations are high for both the S1gns Of L1fe records and Phase47 albums have their own distinct qualities and imagining what a collaboration between us two would actually sound like comes with a high level of anticipation. Believe me when I say this: you are going to REALLY LIKE what we have for you guys! I have no time table of release, no promises of more previews to come...just know that we're working on it and it's by far some of the most amazing music either of us have ever created. That's how powerful Ascendant is. Each one of us compliments the other in ways musically we hadn't thought of before we started working together. Our chemistry is as exciting as it is dynamic and our potential is virtually limitless. We have so much planned...and this only the beginning. Stay tuned ambient fans! Ascendant is rising... Like us on facebook and follow us on twitter!