Sunday night...a chance to reflect and to anticipate what's ahead. I love Sundays for one simple reason, they are my ONLY day off in the week! Working a full time job 6 days a week plus running a website, podcast, upcoming ambient conference, and having a music career ain't easy, let me tell you. But it'c comforting to hear that some of you experience just that. Little precious moments throughout your week to work on your craft and do what you most love in life which is create, talk about, and share everything about ambient music and all that goes along with it. It keeps me truly does.

So this week ahead we have a big server move that is pretty much imminent. My apologies if you somehow get the closed sign on our front door this week...we are in transition and there's no way to tell whether we are going to experience some downtime or not. I just know that we're about to move to another permanent new home and our name servers will be changing which means it might take some time for the web address to propagate to all parts of the country. If you do by any chance receive a "uh oh" message when clicking on your favorite bookmark (that would be us) or everything isn't working correctly, just let us know (tweet me @s1gnsofl1fe or private message at or just be patient. If you see anything REALLY strange, be sure to let us know too. ;)

Thank you for sticking with us through the transitional period. We are currently experiencing some of best growth with new active members this site has ever seen! That fact alone is really exciting to me and I know you all are with me in sharing that enthusiasm. In order for us to keep growing, it's up to YOU to tell the people you know. Tweet about us, message your friends on facebook, email them and tell them to register for the site. The more people we have finding their home here, the longer this site will be around for everyone to enjoy.

Have a great week!

Stay drone,