Some observations on my experience in attempting to mix and master my own album:

1: It helps to have trustworthy friends that can "beta-listen" to some of your work. I've had a couple of folks give me GREAT feedback which I think improved my music.

2: Re-mixing will not always save a track. I had one track that would NOT jell, I ended up having to switch a bunch of patches around to finally get it to both sound right and sit well with the other tracks.

3: Taking a few days between full listens to the entire album is a MUST. Tired ears make bad decisions. Thank heavens for backup projects to revert to!

4: Back things up every time before you make changes. I screwed a tune up so badly that I had to go to a previous version to recover, if I hadn't backed the thing up, I'd have had to throw it out and start all over!

5: Use your DAWs power! I loaded each tune into a track in Tracktion, and using clip effects I could EQ, compress, etc. "in-situ" and easily adjust each composition to sit well in the stream of music. I can't imagine how the mastering engineers of days past pulled this off without a DAW.. amazing!

So, I''m starting in on the second to last song, hopefully will finish it by Monday, then a break for the One Sample Dare, then next weekend finish the last song.

Then, we master this thing! :eek: