I sit here, with a nice diet Pepsi and vodka, making the last tweaks to "Triumph of Darkness".. the last track on my first full-length album! OMG I DID IT OMG OMG OMG!! :rockon:

This was a LOT harder than I thought it would be.. it started off easy,, but the closer I got tothe last song the harder it became, until this last song took me over 2 weeks to complete. Argh! :workingout: I have a TON of respect for folks that can belt out a good album, even MORE for those that can do multiples per year!!!

There's still the mastering process, and album art, liner notes, decidiing on distribution, figuring out marketing (I have two folks that are willing to pre-order, insanity!) and the thusand non-musical things that need doing.. but the thing itself is in the can! Ooooh, time to back this puppy up to my external drive!

It was one Hell of a learning experience. Now, my ex-wife went to recording school (at a commercial studio, even) and she passed on some tidbits, and she mentioned how hard it was to finish anything.. oh, I'm a believer now!

Lost faith in myself a couple of times.. wasn't sure I had what it took to finish this, I've been horrible at completing a lot of my longer-form writing (best I ever did was 30,000 words) and I could feel Failure waiting in the wings, but this site and all the Ambient Online members music gave me hope that I MIGHT actually pull this one off!

So here I sit, listening to my final track of this album, feeling pretty damned pleased with myself and with my little musical child. I'm even kind of looking forward tot he next one, althugh I'm bloody wekk taking a break for a bit!

If *I* can do it, you can too!

Thanks to Ambient Online and it's wonderful members for putting up with me, if it weren't for AO I'd have never found my musical place in life.

Ed Averill, aka Synthetic Aurality