I really, really need to find a more stable DAW.

Case in point - I have the entire album as a sequence of individual tracks in Tracktion, so I could adjust overlap time between songs to create a smooth, dark flow from beginning to end. Rendering it out as a single 24/96K WAVE worked fine.

BUT.. (you knew there was a BUT, right?) when I try to render each individual track to a separate file, BOOM! Silent crash to desktop. Over, and over, and freaking over.

The final solution was to render them out as 16/44K files, which I hate as I want the highest quality to bring into Sound Forge and final edit. ARGH MEH!

I'm going to use SONAR X3 for my next project, until such a time as this bug (oh, and several plugins that work in SONAR and not in Tracktion) gets fixed, or I just stick with SONAR and move on.

So far, on target for a May 20 release.. just album art and liner notes to be done this weekend. Dang, this was hard work! So much for "money for nothing and your chicks for free"... :eek: