I see a lot of post-mortems in the gamedev world, where I spent a lot of time, but not so much for albums. So, friends ad others, learn from my fail!

ARTWORK: I had a graphics designer I was working with. He is BRILLIANT, and I had cash, but he got a better contract so I had to scramble to make my own album art. Lesson learned: NAIL DOWN THE ART EARLY.

DAW: Some DAWs are good for one thing, some another. I threw all my eggs into one basket and the basket broke! Tracktions workflow is insanely good, but the damn thing flaked under the weight of mixing 3GB of 24/96 audio. Lesson learned: The BIG BOYS are BIG for a reason!

MIXING: I don't use the built-in effects, I rely heavily on Voxengo and Nomad Factory. I tried SONARs built-ins, but.. meh. Lesson learned: THIRD PARTY PLUGS CAN SAVE YOU.

SCHEDULING: This is something I should have known from my software dev experience, hut nooooooooooo.. SHIT HAPPENS. My DAW choked on mixdown. Effects did NOT render right unless in realtime. My fricking HD didn't have the 40GB left for 24/96K audio. Stupid stuff. Lesson learned; OVER-ENGINEER.

Despite all this, my sales expectations were 8 albums in 6 months and in the past 3 days I have seven sales, and only a few paid the lowest price. LESSON LEARNED: your listeners and fans are the ones that make you, not all the marketing in the world!