I was pretty sure it was all up for me.

Sold everything I owned, no unemployment (contractors aren't eligible), last ten bucks.. I was ready to do something radical but that would at lest keep me in food and shelter.. and one week later I had a job!

Talk about cutting it close. Jesus, this was as tight as it's ever been.

Regardless - after the roller coaster ended, now it's rebuilding time. I sold off about 80% of my music software, the rest was non-transferrable so it's still with me - and that means I stil have:

- Shevannai
- Forest Kingdom II
- Epic Worlds
- Heavyocity Natural Forces and Vocalise
- Replika
- PSP Audioware MixPAck, StereoPack, and PSP-85

Between all that, the Cakewalk built-i effects, and about 21GB of loops, I really see no need for additional sound sources and content. There's plenty here to keep me going for ages!

On the upgrade list is SONAR, I want to move to the latest version for better Win10 compatability, and *maybe* an additional compressor (but that's not a must-have).

I'm using a machine given to me by my new job, it's an interim music machine until I can get a real music laptop - which should be about mid-December as I want something pretty beefy that will last me about 5 years or more.

I used t use Tracktion a lot, but it's been acting up for me on this machine, and it never liked doing music-for-video work, so I'm byting the bullet (lol) and moving to SONAR full-time. It'll be a learning curve, but it really is time to move on to something that's more stable for me.

Ah, back to work! I work from home 3/4 of the time right now with 1/4 down in San Antonio, for a small medical start-up that is creating a device that detects a seizure and calls your doctor and caregiver automatically. Finally, some meaningful work!