Sometimes, I just need to stop overthinking and over-producing and over-anything-ing.

I've been thrashing about which MIDI controller I should get, which VSTi I should get, which DAW to use, etc. etc. etc. - which is typically my downfall. Actual composition just stops as I decide "what to buy next".

So, finally facing my fatal flaw, I'm going back to some serious basics.

First: I deinstalled SONAR. I'm not goig to score to video, and while I'm kind of used to it for real-time loop mangling, it's bothersome. Back to Tracktion!

Second: no VSTi. All of my sound sources will come from my freeaking huge collection of loops.

Third: no MIDI controller. Who needs one to mangle loops?

So, I'm unstalling all my VSTi, mothballing them for now, and my workflow will be Traktion -> Sound Forge -> publication on SoundCloud.

It's very freeing - less IS more, for me, since now I have fewer opportunities to go into "analysis Paralysis" where I spend an eternity fretting over which instrument, then which timbre, then whih effects. Now I only fret over which loop and which effects, which is a 33% decrease in potential worry time! (heh)

And with Tracktions hyper-fast interface I can audition loops and effects with ease and speed.

I hope to use this to improve my sound design skills as well.

I do need better reverb, which is about it. Tracktions native reverb soft of sucks, I'll be getting Valhalla VintageVerb for reverb duties. Otherwise, I have all the plugins I will ever need.. compressors, modulators, audio mangling, pitch shift, playback speed, reverse.. honestly, I even have an automatable filter! What's not to love?

Let's see how long I can stick to my guns... wish me luck, I'm going to need it!