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E-learning open source blog [The headphones producer].

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  • E-learning open source blog [The headphones producer].

    Hello all,

    I would like to share with you my newly created E-learning music production blog .

    I launched the community a couple of days ago and made available an online course on the basics of operating Reaper DAW along with other sections that feature recommendations about the best free VSTi and plugins that i have tested so far.
    Course accessible here:

    My goal is to keep providing free tutorials and courses and updating the recommendations list constantly.

    This blog/community is more tailored towards home/bedroom producers.

    Also for those of you who would like to support, I am planning a "perks in exchange for donation" campaign that will be active on the blog itself in the "Contact & Donate section"

    For the moment I am suggesting:
    1-An open source website template ( with no attribution and a clean interface )
    2-Two albums from my personal music projects.
    3-An open world game that I am currently working on.

    I am open for any suggestion concerning what you would like as perks!

    Thank you for reading! and remember, never stop making music!