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  • Skeletons in Your Music Closet

    What bands in your past did you listen to, or bands you currently listen to that you sort of keep 'secret'?

    1) I once was a big KISS fan in my early teens. Destroyer through Double Platinum. That album killed it for me. I was mowing lawns to buy albums and KISS releases Live II, 4 solo albums, and a double greatest hits one after the other. It made me realize it was more marketing than music--and Talking Heads and Elvis Costello came along and that's when everything started to get really really good for my collection.

    2) Duran Duran. I was someone who loved music from the edges and these guys were firmly mainstream. But it felt so great! I still pop on New Religion or Save a Prayer from time to time.

    3) Molly Hatchet. Hey, it was the 80's and Flirtin' with Disaster seemed so awesome.

    (tangent: Years later I was in Parc Studios where Molly Hatchet and Lynyrd Skynyrd had recorded. I was in the tape vault with a friend and there were the masters for some of MH's first two albums box labeled Freebird. I look at my friend and pick up the degausser and ask my friend if he's ready to become infamous and possibly more reviled in the history of rock than Yoko Ono. Of course I never got anywhere near it.)

    No offense to anyone who loves any of these bands, of course.

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    Oh, great subject! :tu:

    I'm pretty open about what I listen to, so I'm not sure if I have any skeletons.

    I guess I do like some hair bands from the '90s, or Glam Rock, if you will.

    Oh, I know... The Black Eyed Peas - I Got a Feeling :giggle:


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      Nothing is secret!!! That is, if you have an open mind and an open heart about yourself and music! Everything is cool to me. Throw on some Sade? Why not.

      First concert I ever went to was Ice Cube...and a fight broke out. It was badass.

      Used to sing extremely loudly in my younger days in unusually high pitches to Bjork and things of that nature...not ashamed at all!!!

      Once your soul is free it's all fair game. That's the way I see it! :D
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        I bought a Village People record once....and played it several times :-)


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          I try not to have guilt about music, so against the spirit of it all.

          I acknowledge I love silly catchy pop songs (Shiny Happy People, Theme from Friends, Barbie Girl...) Y'know? Maybe being British and growing up in the 70s/80s when daft novelty songs regularly topped the chart (eg. The Firms 'Star Trekkin' :D) helped.

          I *could* groan at some of the Prog stuff I listened too (still a nostalgic Rush fan) but I'm more likely to feel embarassed by some CD I bought because the artist was hip or something and i fell for the marketing...

          But I did buy 'Don't Stop Believing' first time around... :eek:
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            My KISS days were shared with a friend. When I moved towards the new wave bands, my friend went disco and his first purchase was Village People.

            I still love Rush, although not like I did decades ago. When I graduated high school in 1981, two of my 'heavy rotation' bands were Rush and Journey. Girls loved Journey, and at the time they seemed a lot more substantial.

            I hope the subject didn't seem negative or elitist. I was thinking more along the lines of what GaryG was expressing, something you fell into mostly because of it's relevance to it's time or the marketing of it that later showed itself to be more of a passing fad than anything else. Much like the 80's Mullet haircut (guilty here). There is always some value in another's creative efforts, and people extract meaning from these works in personal ways. The intent of my thread was to have a laugh about how our tastes may have evolved and looking at some of the cul-de-sacs we may have traveled down in our musical explorations. Plus, the older I get the more I like to wax nostalgic about the "salad days".

            There are also songs/groups for me I mostly ignored because I was thinking they were passing fads that later developed more significance personally. Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" is an example of this. When it was just out and popular I never paid the song much attention. Now, some 25+ years later, hearing it evokes a feeling of nostalgia and the lyrics have gained new meaning to me as I have aged.


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              I think when I was younger I had those that I kept secret or avoided listening to even though I liked them, but I don't know I do that much now.

              However, a couple of years ago I do remember playing Abba in the car and when I drove up to meet some workmates for a volunteer event I did turn the volume down...


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                Ha! I have a few Abba songs floating about in my library.


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                  I have a double CD best of - they wrote some amazing songs, and I find it hard not to like them.


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                    I don't just have bands in my closet. I have entire genres. I will leave it at that.


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                      Not really a scret but I have been to the live show of Lady Gaga... Twice...

                      Loved it!



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                        Originally posted by JJBiener View Post
                        I don't just have bands in my closet.
                        That's probably a good thing or you'd have no room for your clothes.


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                          Slightly OT, but at the live debut of Oasis (1978), I played lead guitar in my pyjamas :nuts: Trying to remember the set - I know we played Child In Time and Sonic Attack, but the rest would be conjecture. Not that anybody would have recognised 'em anyway.
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                            Originally posted by seismic1 View Post
                            Slightly OT, but at the live debut of Oasis (1978), I played lead guitar in my pyjamas
                            [Groucho]What was a guitar doing in your pajamas?[/Groucho]


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                              They didn't fit me:fence:
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