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"Stay at home" concerts: Martin "Phelios" Stürtzer, Apocryphos, Svartsinn

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  • "Stay at home" concerts: Martin "Phelios" Stürtzer, Apocryphos, Svartsinn

    Martin "Phelios" Stürzer now playes every Tuesday and Saturday live music on YouTube (always at 8 PM CE(S)T), there was dub techno (including his cat watching him play!) and dark ambient so far, there will be "normal" ambient (Tuesday, March 24th) and I am curious to see what he thinks up. Yesterday, the stream was online since 8 PM, but the music started later, he was preapting tea and typing things in the first 15 Minutes.

    Here you can also look at it later:

    Apocryphus is playing tonight:

    Svartsinn will play next Saturday:
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    In this times, im not into stay home concerts because worlds needs to save bandwidth, othrewise internet could collapse and its a real thing..Record something and make it available to download. No need for real time video streaming. Maybe im an idiot, but I dont see the point of this kinds of emissions in this days of emergency.


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      The thing with the bandwidth is difficult ...

      The central network nodes can obviously handle a lot more traffic in Germany, but the problem is the "last mile", where bottlenecks can occur.

      I have been working from the home office for 2 weeks, we use Citrix and that works fine (since with Citrix no "data" but only changed pixels are transferred to the end device, this keeps the traffic low).

      But what is always a problem with us are conference calls - participants are unexecpectedly kicked out or don't even manage to join in at all.

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        RDP. "Internal" Skype conferences seem to work fine, but when we involve clients/customers, changes have to be made to settings to allow LCD algos to work.
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          Thanks for understanding my comment, I work for a Telco ,after first 2 - 3 days of lockdown The Copany warned the users about this situation , this global suddenly massive use of traffic its really bad. At some point something could break due to the unncesary bandwith use. That means many many end users with very slow or no connection at all. Same for all IP based TV services (HD, On Demand, PPV... )
          Im expecting to start homeoffice this week, I dont have a proper internet connection at my house, so the Company must supply something to start working again.
          I really hope this tragedy ends soon.