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Unsolicited Soundcloud's password reset

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  • Unsolicited Soundcloud's password reset

    Has it happened to you that you receive emails from Soundcloud requesting to confirm a password reset request?
    My account is not exactly popular for someone to be interested in stealing it, but these repeate requests call my attention,
    knowing that someone somewhere is trying to steal my account, and surely other accounts is quite annoying.
    Of course I have a strong enough password, but it still makes me uncomfortable​.
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    Not really. Instagram sent me a password reset some months ago - strange as that email does not even have an account associated with it (and it was a real request)

    My yahoo mail was compromised 3 years ago and that promoted me to move to protonmail for my personal effects. And of course for all things financial (bank, credit cards, investments etc) are set up to require 2 step OTP.

    Would just change your email if it is becoming a problem. Soundcloud customer service has always been quick and helpful in my experience.
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      Bandcamp asked me to change my password 10 days ago due to some accounts being targeted on their platform, and suggested that my account exhibited characteristics in common with those targeted accounts, without being very specific. I changed the password, although the previous password was quite secure.
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