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NAMM News: 2014

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  • NAMM News: 2014

    We've seen leaks...we've seen sneak previews, but today new stuff is really starting to flow from the NAMM show!

    Use this thread to discuss what you've seen, what you like, dislike, etc.

    I'll start...the two things I've seen so far:


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    The Akai EWI 5000

    As an EWI 4000S owner/player I look forward to this new one

    **edit** all right man, adding URLs with a text link is seriously wacked on this site when you edit a post lol. So I'm just going to paste the raw link for the full-size MS-20 reissue kit.

    Also, Teenage Engineering is showcasing bits of a new OS for the OP-1. One new feature is a sequencer based on the Etch a Sketch! :D
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      Liking the looks of UAD's Apollo Twin, but $200 to go from the Solo to the Twin... ouch. That is just painful for a $30 DSP =/

      and it doesn't even come with a Thunderbolt cable -_- it's a thunderbolt only interface...

      I like the idea behind it, but damn UAD... no tb cable for a tb interface, $300 to add another dsp chip that cost you $20-$30... Ouch ouch ouch.

      Still tempting to replace my beloved Babyface with an Apollo Twin Duo, even if the Babyface can fit in my backpack, is bus-powered, and makes for a great DAC to listen to music with. The plugin emulations sound really good and the latency is ridiculously low (and the Babyface is already really low).
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