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  • Check out this video

    I just saw this on KVR. This is so cool.

    Whatsisname's Little Fluffy Clouds | Campsite | Hearthis | SeismicTC | Twitter | Ello | Youtube

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    Absolutely cracking stuff.

    What is that thing he is using with his right hand hovering over that oblong gadget
    .... and creating them wonderful sounds in real time
    .... I hope that makes sense

    But yeh what an impressive setup to .

    Thanks for sharing seis :tu:
    life believe is not a dream so dark as sages say


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      that is awesome stuff...
      from the YT desc.:
      "Published on Aug 23, 2014
      This shows a live and uncut homestudio improvisation with an iPad using the drumsynth Impaktor (with the help of pimped Tupperware), Ableton Push, Reaktor's Serenade controlled by a Leap Motion Sensor and an induction coil for recording some electromegnatic noise.

      Tech facts:
      - iPad connected to an Akai EIE for Midi and Audio In/Out,

      - generic Tupperware pimped with piezo feeding the Impaktor app,

      - illuminated by Arduino-driven RGB-LED-Stripes responsive to the frequency/volume,

      - Leap Motion controlling the Reaktor Patch "Serenade" (the tiny stick is just for the show)

      - Ableton Push doing Ableton Push things


      00:05: Recording some electromagnetic fields with an induction coil

      00:40: Playing around with POLYRHYTHMUS, an awesome Max4Live sequencer (Link:

      01:30: Leap Motion controlling the Reaktor patch Serenade, a virtual string synth

      02:32: Drumming with Impaktor for iPad, fed by an external piezo mounted in Tupperware

      05:20: Recording and mangling some strings in Samplr

      09:00: Glitching the drums coming from Impaktor with Turnado

      09:25: Recording some vocal pads

      For more sounds please visit me

      @ Soundcloud:

      @ Facebook:
      Standard YouTube License"