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  • Soundcloud Pro Promo Codes

    Well, it looks like I'm going to need to upgrade from free to an entry level soundcloud pro account. Any leads on 2013 promo / discount codes?

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    Oh man I wish!!!! That would save me some money every month.

    Due to all the crazy changes going on with the "New" SoundCloud, I was *this close* to downgrading my SoundCloud account from "Pro" to "Lite" a few weeks ago...but then for me I thought 'hey, I'm about to have a really productive year...why not keep it going?'

    Plus with the 'lite' version they make you pay up front for the year and pro is pay-per-month. Interesting business model but I'm hoping they don't keep alienating the pro users and give us features that we can actually use. My big issue right now is with the's nothing like what it used to be. No more "likes" from my favorite artists which makes it harder to discover new music. Plus if you "repost" something it goes straight to your public profile!!! Not exactly ideal for someone trying to get their name out there. :thumbsdown:

    Otherwise, I'm still on SoundCloud as much as ever!!! :D
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