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  • Bandcamp for Labels

    Have any of you running a label looked into this yet?

    Labels on Bandcamp

    from the site:

    "Bandcamp for Labels

    A Bandcamp label account gives you unified accounting and stats across all your artists, a single fulfillment interface for all your merch, the ability to direct payments on a per release basis, Pro-level status for all your artists, and a whole lot more.

    Just $20 USD/month for up to 15 artists, $50 USD/month unlimited."

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    It's interesting in comparing with distribution service like distrokid.
    Distrokid's label plan: 5+ artists (don't know how to read 5+ it's 5 artists or 5 and a half artists or 15 artists?), ISRC/UPC (for CD/Vinyl), put your music (unlimited albums/songs) on Itunes/Amazon/Google play and some of streams like Spotify and Deezer for 80$ year.
    If 5+ is 5, than for 15 artists
    Bandcamp = 20*12 = 360 USD for only BC distribution
    Distrokid = 80*3=240 USD for iT/Am/GP and other

    BC maybe also provides you a site with ***.com domain name and physical distribution merch II


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      I've had a look into it but I just cant justify the $50 a year when I don't make that much from running the label.

      My record label