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Topic for critique on tracks? (where?)

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  • Topic for critique on tracks? (where?)

    Hi there,

    Before I joined the forums some months ago I stumbled upon a topic where one could give honest critique on tracks of fellow musicians here on the forums. I did a search but couldn't find it anymore. I'm quite apprehensive of critique (because I'm still pretty insecure about my music) but I'd like to have some opinions about certain aspects of (one of) my track(s).

    Can anyone point me to said topic? Thanks.
    Boqurant | Boqurant on Soundcloud

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    As far as I know, there's no specific section for critique. You can just simply post your music on the members releases section - welcome some critique there and you're likely to receive some. :D


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      I can't say I recall that to be honest--but I forget a lot of stuff.

      If there is something I can do to help with what you need, you can PM me.


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        Thanks. I must be mistaken then.
        Boqurant | Boqurant on Soundcloud