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    A brief history of The Orb in seven objects, from AKAI to cassettes to Flossie. Also(and perhaps more importantly), they have a new album out. -

    Much the way that The Fall are Mark E. Smith and anybody he works with, The Orb has consisted of Paterson plus, over the years, more than a dozen other members. Most frequently and recently, that's been Swiss-born Berliner Thomas Fehlmann, a fabulous producer in his own right. The duo's latest, COW (Chill Out World!), is, per Paterson's statement in the album's press release, "a protest album in reverse." For a world seeming to spin off its axis politically and socially, The Orb offer their quietest and most contemplative music ever.

    As befits a group who've built a live rep as well as a recorded one—and whose recordings have always been carefully art-directed—The Orb's legend has been as much about the physical objects associated with the group as their music. Below, Paterson tells us about seven of the most notable "ORBjects" that have marked their nearly three-decade-long career—from the unlabeled tape that carried the seeds of their breakthrough hit, "Little Fluffy Clouds," to the stuffed sheep that gave them their biggest-selling poster, and beyond.
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