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  • Stepping Out!

    Thought I'd share a photo of me stepping out last night with my long-time bandmates in a new role as the synth guy. In our cover band, I'm the singer and while we had a keyboard player in the past (in our cover band) she was much different than me (better looking and a life-long keyboard player and established musician).

    Same guys as my cover band, but we're showcasing songs from our guitar player. This was our first gig and my very first time on stage as a musician. Re: set-up. I'm my using my Minibrute as a midi controller to play presets in Animoog on my iPad because the MB is monophonic but has a polyphonic keyboard. I am sending the audio out from my IODock into my Minibrute which treats the audio in as another oscillator and then messing with it using the filter, LFO etc.

    I had a ton of fun and look forward to continuing my growth.


    PS: not sure why the uploader rotated the photo as it was not that way on my desktop.
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    Congrats! I hope you learned a lot and that you get to do it often!


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      We are young but getting old before our time...

      (sorry, one of my favourite 80s oldies )

      Glad it was loads of fun, I find doing something different like this can really inspire new creativity.
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        Thanks Guys for the support.


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          I would love to get back to gigging, but need to find a band first! Don't really have a keyboard rig to play as a keyboardist, so would probably look for a band playing something that just needs a mic to amplify. I guess really I need to get off my ass and find something...


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            For me, the gigs are really the icing on the cake. I started my cover band about 3 years ago when I retired form playing ultimate and needed something to do. I really do it to get together with my friends, have a few beers, relax and have fun. The IOS music making came out of another need but I'm super happy with how that has been going.

            The gig was my first as a player and not a singer and that was really exhilarating. My thoughts are if you want to play out, then find a band and just do it. Life is too short for not making the effort or taking chances. You'll be happy you did!


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              Finally got some video of our gig last month. This song was written by our guitar player for his brother and our dear friend.