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For those who want to learn about mixing and mastering

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  • For those who want to learn about mixing and mastering

    Hello everybody,

    Here you can listen to my (non-ambient) song, profesionally mixed and mastered by Fuad from

    The song is downloadable in wav format.

    Fuad didn't only agree on mixing and mastering the song, he was even prepared to make a video on how he did this. The video is a 2 hours high quality 'report' on how Fuad did his mixing and mastering in Ableton with built-in tools. No fancy extra plugins (the only 3rd party plugin used, is PSP audioware's Mixsaturator).

    He gave a lot of in depth info, reviewed my track before we agreed to work together and offers to answer additional questions concerning the video. Fuad talks about eq'ing, compressing, adding extra's to keep the listener's attention (autopanning,...)

    I'm pretty happy with the result; his product sounds better than my mastering and now I know how this can be done.

    It's quite an experience to see a tutorial based on my song, it's so easy to get into the mixing/mastering process because I already know all stems of the song.

    I can recommend this to everybody who wants to learn more about mixing/mastering.

    You can reach Fuad here:


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    I would definitely check out the video. It would also be nice to hear the before and after versions side by side. I can always look it up on soundcloud if it's still there, but posting a link here would be nice too. The mastered version sounds really good.


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      The video isn't for download, I didn't make it and I don't have copyright, so I can't share it.

      Fuad from householdproductions lets me know this isn't a final master, just a quick one. He will make a final version next week.


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        Very cool. Keep us posted on how you like the final master. The problem with some mastering houses seems to be that they are unwilling to admit that they are really unfamiliar with how to master ambient music. Which is different than mastering rock music or dance music. Most places master it as if they were indeed doing rock or (even worse) dance. They totally kill the dynamics.

        I always thought that I would ask either Steve Roach or Robert Rich to master some of my stuff (if it came to that and if I could afford them). Then for certain there would be no doubt that they totally know what they're doing when it comes to ambient. You guys do realize that they do this stuff, right? My third choice would be Bob Olhsson who did a lot of stuff for Hearts of Space.
        My Soundcloud:


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          And here is the final master:

          It's also available as downloadable wav file (16bit/44.1 kHz).

          I received a 1 hour mastering video, entirely created for my song. I'm happy with it!

          You can contact Fuad here: