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My musical journey up to date.

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  • Mac of BIOnighT
    Nice thread

    I'll paste the first bit from an old interview (sorry, have little time):

    "I always had this thing about sounds; when I was a small child, I spent whole afternoons in my bedroom experimenting with a cheap reel-to-reel recorder, recording sounds and changing their pitch, stuff like that. One of my favorite pastimes was what I called "counting the instruments," that is to say, I put on a record and focused on a single instrument and followed it throughout the track, then I listened to the song again focusing on another instrument and so on, till I knew exactly how many instruments were playing in that track and what each of them did. In 1972 - I was about seven or eight - two songs hit the radios and record stores: one was a version of the brilliant song Pop Corn by an Italian band (La Strana Società - here );

    the other one a version of Amazing Grace performed on a Moog by another Italian artist (Il Guardiano del Faro - here it is, slaughtered by Youtube's sound quality ). For the first time I realized I was listening to electronic instruments and I was totally fascinated and baffled at the same time. I drove my mum nuts keeping on asking her how it was possible to make music with a machine! I've been hooked to electronic sounds ever after."

    Other than that, I don't have a real evolution, I've always listened to everything. When I was 19, a guy gave me a cassette of Ricochet by Tangerine Dream, and that definitely was a turning point, Berlin School became one of the two most influential genres for me, along with Italo Disco.
    My favorite bands have always been Banco del Mutuo Soccorso (the best Italian prog rock band from the 70's - here's their best album (I so wish you could understand the lyrics))

    , Tangerine Dream, (no examples needed, right?) and Les Rockets (the French space band, here (horrendous sound quality)

    (yes, I know, without the frontman acting like an idiot they would have been a lot better, and he wasn't even the singer, the real singer was the bassist, but hey, it was the 80's)

    Rockets were among the first to use the recording studio as an instrument, their live shows were among the first to employ lasers, spark cannons, gongs on fire, UFOs and all sorts of amazing (for that era) tricks and magic. But, above all and regardless all that, their music was absolutely magnificent.

    But I've always listened to just about anything, so no real evolution, just grabbing the good fruits wherever they were hanging from...
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  • robojam
    Yeah, it's very interesting to hear of other people's journeys in music too, and I always wonder where I might end up next. Right now I'm probably going to try to make a short amount of time every evening and see what I can do with laptop alone and not actually play any instruments as I'm struggling with that so much.

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  • IOK-1
    Originally posted by robojam View Post
    Sweet! It's rater amazing how you constantly evolve your taste and how you apply it to your own music.
    And yes, it's the purpose of this thread for others to share what path they have been taking, what they did like back in the days that they might not like today, and how music in general has impacted their lives.

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  • robojam
    I'll just do it with text to keep it relatively short.

    I think things started with my aunt's record collection in the late 60s when I would hear the Beatles, the Kinks, Otis Reading and others.

    When I really started listening to things that I liked it was the more popular heavy rock and glam rock in the early 70s, like Deep Purple, Slade, Sweet, etc.

    By the mid 70s I got into what everyone else was listening to, so really a ton of stuff, but as it got past the middle, I really loved the punk and new wave that was starting to hit the charts and that's really when I started to buy music. There was also a lot of electronic music in that too, like Kraftwerk, Tubeway Army, JM Jarre, etc.

    Near the end of the 70s I added heavy metal while the NWOBHM was taking off, so Maiden, Saxon, Motorhead, etc. It was at that point that I started playing guitar.

    I learned from various sources over the next few years, so learned heavy metal, classic rock, Beatles, various new wave bands. Started playing bass more in bands, but generally played in punk bands.

    Through most of the 80s I started to get into other stuff too, and listened to a lot of goth rock, reggae, and really started to experience a lot more prog and stoner stuff. At this time I also started to work in a recording studio and learned drums and keyboards to some degree. I learned tenor sax a little, but never got that good at playing.

    In the early 90s I really got into a lot more stuff and added jazz and classical in a big way to my collection. I jammed a lot on acoustic instruments with friends, mostly guitar and harmonica. Also, at that time myself and a buddy started playing around with an early version of Cubasis that came with his sound card.

    By the time it got to the 2000s, I really started losing interest in popular music and buying a lot of older music, really going back in some cases to some very early recordings. I also started learning new instruments, with flute around 2001, mandolin in 2003, violin around 2005 (still not that good at it!).

    By around 2005 or so I bought my first MIDI keyboard and started buying software. Added more new instruments over time as well: alto sax, banjo, trumpet, and more versions of exiting ones, particularly flutes like dizi, tin whistle, recorder, etc.

    Haven't had much time to play of late, but hoping to find some soon.


    Not sure if the intention was for others to add to this, but I think it's interesting to see what everyone else had done in the way of a musical journey.
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  • john k-n
    That was a fun trip down your memory lane!

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  • IOK-1
    started a topic My musical journey up to date.

    My musical journey up to date.

    I have been thinking alot about how my taste in music has changed over the years.
    Let's see, when I was a little kid. Like 5 or 6 years old I got interested in music, well not interested like that maybe but I wanted to listen to music. Not the music that children usually listens to whatever that is.
    Anyways, I had access to my fathers record collection from a very early age and I could listen to his records as much as I wanted as long as I asked for help with the vinyls and didn't smudge all over the cds.

    The two first records I picked up that I remember like it was yesterday is Judas Priest's Ram it Down and Metallica's ...And Justice For All. I remember this not because how they sounded, because of how the cover art looked.
    I don't remember enjoying the music but later on I became a huge Metallica fan.

    Then I magically turned 13. Metallica did not cut it anymore. I needed something more, so I started to explore death metal and such. Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Decapitated and so on.
    It was better but it was lacking something as well so I tried all bands I could in any metal sub genre.

    During that time I found alot of bands that I still listen to today. Exploring music is fun. Am I right? Haha!

    I listened to faster and faster and faster music.
    To the point where human finger and hands could not play faster.

    I ventured into electronic music, started exploring the old jungle and drum n bass scene, after that I moved on the the breakcore scene and discovered one of my all time favorites.
    Venetian Snares.

    Some time after that got bored with my self, always going for the most ridiculously fast music I could find.
    So I started to go in the opposite direction, moving back to tempos that ordinary humans find enjoyable. Haha!

    I as you know by know had started to enjoy electronic music so a whole new spectrum had opened to me.
    So, I checked out everything from techno to power electronics to industrial to noise.

    And that introduced me to ambient music later on. As I wrote in the tread about how we discovered ambient music, as was into industrial music and things like that so I found out about Lustmord.
    He was probably the first musician I listened to who made ambient music, even if alot of the power electronics acts did similar things, but it was not ambient music per se.
    I started to dig around to learn about and hear alot of ambient music, I liked Lustmord alot.
    But the main reason was because the term "ambient music" sounded neat in some way. And I had absolutely no friends that were familiar with it at all.
    No one had a single idea what I was talking about when I was speaking of ambient music.

    So it was fun educating my fellow friends in ambient music, even if the majority of them did not understand or enjoy it.
    Most of them saw ambient music as background music in movies and things like that.
    But I saw more in it. Took my time listening with headphones. It's like, if you are really in to it, you can almost peel of layer by layer.
    You hear one layer for a while, you stop focusing on that layer and hear another layer and so on until the last two minutes of the track where you hear how everything plays together.

    At this point, "slow" music dominates what I listen to, and it just not ambient music.
    I want everything slow.
    It' like. Slow music has a certain feeling about it.
    An example.
    Take metal music, a fast death metal band. Nile for example, they are brutal, heavy and skillfull. But they are nowhere near as heavy as Unearhly Trance.
    The slowness in the music makes it ridiculously heavy in my opinion.

    I can apply this to almost any kind of music.
    Like Borhen & Der Club of Gore.
    They play jazz, or noir jazz. Many call it doom jazz.
    My point is that they are heavier than most metal bands out there in my opinion.
    The same with Earth who has their roots in doom metal. But they don't play anything that even resembles doom metal today.

    So, there it is.
    A short "bio" or something.

    It could be more elaborate, but a novel sized forum post? Nah, don't think so.

    Please share your musical journey as well.

    I'll end with one of the best tracks in the world.