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Disquiet Junto Project 0354: Rituals & Canticles

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  • Disquiet Junto Project 0354: Rituals & Canticles

    I decided to post this here because some members have expressed an interest in building their own instruments. This week's Disquiet Junto assignment has everything to do with that!

    I know that some AO members already participate in the Disquiet Junto. For those of you who are not familiar with them, each week there is a new assignment to create a musical composition based on some particular instructions. This week's assignment is to "Make music using instruments from a future that doesn't fully remember our present." The instruments are provided...they are samples of home built instruments made by Nathan Moody (Noise Jockey), who recently released a complete album recorded using these instruments.

    Disquiet Junto is open to anyone who would like to participate!

    Details on this week's assignment using these unique instruments is HERE. At this link to the Disquiet website you can find a link to download the instruments.

    And more on Noise Jockey, the instruments, and his new album is HERE.