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Project: Where Orchids Goes To DIe

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  • Project: Where Orchids Goes To DIe

    Hi all,
    I just wanna present my side project: Where Orchids Goes To Die

    Founded in late 2019 by the sardinian electronic musician Mebitek and the mapuche artist Mariana Millapan.

    As the Ancients' stories, the project "Where Orchids Goes To Die" sings the pantomimes of life's tragedy.

    Multiform, fragile, inescapable, these perdition and redemption stories are like a mirror and a labyrinth of the human being.

    the track has been made with maschine, including vocals
    feedback and comments are welcome

    regards from Sardinia
    Maschine MK2 - Komplete 10u - KKS25 - Kontrol F1 - Behringer UB802 - Alto CLE 4.0 - Fluid Audio C5W - w7 64bit on Sonux DAW i7-4790 16GB RAM -