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    Tried to listen to this, Ivan, but I keep getting an "Sorry! We can't find that track." message over on SC. You might want to double-check the link, as it's looking like you should have posted the private link to the track..the one posted here looks like a normal link and the fact the track isn't showing on your SC page implies it should be a private link.

    I'm also following you over on SC and am looking forward to checking out your work when I get the chance..can't right now, but I will certainly be dropping back to your page some time soon.


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      please try again, i am sure it will work
      Ivan :blush:


      • #4 it this time round. Not sure what happened there..must have been something on SC's end.

        Anyway, I really enjoy the track, Ivan. I left a comment over on SC, as well as liking and reposting it.

        Really nice sound you have..clear and well balanced. I can easily tell you know your way around a mixing desk.


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          so pleased you got it and thank you for the comment :-)


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            Your track is unlike any other Drum 'N' Bass track. It has a nice repetitive flow that doesn't get boring, I'd call that a remarkable feat.
            The bass reese is delicious, the balance of the drums and the pads sounds great to me.

            All by all, a very impressive track. Nice one man :thumbsup:
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              Thank you for taking the time to listen :-)