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Red Desert Drive

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  • Red Desert Drive

    Written while we were all waiting for something to happen on the surface of Mars, so I went for my own drive:

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    I'm pretty sure I've heard this before. When did you release it?

    It borders on what my definition of Ambient would be, so I think you would have been safe to post it in the Ambient section, but not all might agree.

    It's got a great chill vibe to it! Great work!


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      Nice chilled vibes with a SciFi feel. A bit like how I'd imagine TD would sound had John Carpenter joined them in the early-mid '80s

      Good work :thumbsup:
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        Super saucy!!! Love the beat and those layers...the lead, random glitchy pops...super tight!!! Awesome work Robojam. Thanks for sharing with the crew!!! :tu:
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          Very tasty stuff, robojam! Love the way it plods along, in no particular hurry to get anywhere (I guess it is a slow trip to Mars...). Plenty to enjoy here! Thanks for sharing :listening:
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            Nice languid groove. I like the pace and the movement in the main bass part.


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              Thanks guys! I'm really pleased to hear someone say 'John Carpenter' as that's the second time I've heard that now!

              @Kitty - I put this together while the Mars rover was sat doing nothing and waiting to start moving. I posted it on KVR so you may have heard it there. Post it in 'Ambient'? has drums!!! :D


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                  Originally posted by robojam View Post
                  Post it in 'Ambient'? has drums!!! :D
                  HEY NOW!!!!!!! :uhuh: *says the rhythmic ambient artist* :rotf:
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