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New Release from Alison G Madrigal

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  • New Release from Alison G Madrigal

    A new release from mysterious side project 'Alison G. Madrigal'. Whirring, clanking, and thudding abound. Label owner Thomas Mathie has this to say :

    "these are difficult, dissonant sounds for folks who like the complex ... the intricate ... and the difficult. Think "I care because you do" by Aphex Twin and you'll get where Madrigal is coming from.

    This isn't ambient music and it certainly isn't music for a date ... far from it, in fact. This is music for the head that has a wonderfully abstract nature to it that ... well ... needs to be felt.

    And it is in this contrary world that Madgrial weaves her magic ... creating soundscapes that appear, at first, to be difficult to comprehend but with time and a smidgen of patience ultimately reward the listener."