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Xalpheon - Star Concussion

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  • Xalpheon - Star Concussion

    Haven't posted here in a while, so I guess this is an excellent oppurtunity to get back.
    Just a few days ago, I released a new album by the name of Star Concussion.

    Star-Concussion.jpg (made the cover art myself)

    The album features two original versions (the only difference being the sound of the bass). The original versions are Dub Techno (oftenly referred to as Ambient Techno or Deep Techno, although there is a slight difference).
    There are also four remixes, one of which remains Dub Techno, and the others are in the styles House, Ambient House, and Nu-Style (a Hardstyle sub-genre).

    To complete the story:

    The stars have moved to their places of alignment to allow for a lucky few people on earth to experience revelation of a bigger thing. The Star Concussion is a rare gift, and those who receive it will never be the same.
    Xalpheon on SoundCloud
    | main alias

    Wax eloquent - wane together