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Noize Pervertz x Warmonger O - The Harmony of Disorder [MLP-themed Noise]

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  • Noize Pervertz x Warmonger O - The Harmony of Disorder [MLP-themed Noise]

    I was doubting whether it made sense to post this on this forum, but decided to post anyways and see for myself.

    Made this small album with my friend Noize Pervertz (and the cassette will have two more tracks; mine is a very relaxed Minimal Noise droner that I'll upload on Soundcloud when cassette is done).
    It's My Little Pony themed Harsh Noise from me and Power Electronics from her. It's about four (or six, with cassette tracks) perspectives from a world in which the Elements of Harmony fail to prevent the rise of different evils. Noize Pervertz went at Discord and Sombra, while I bent my head over Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis.

    Made both my tracks with THE BENDS (though Hive Mind contains an AudioPaint dots export, and vocals from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic) recorded in FL Studio 10 with TouchOSC, a MIDI app for iPhone.
    THE BENDS is a lovely little VSTi made by Darkware, which you can get for free. I guess it's a drone synth, but circuitbent.
    Nyx was recorded in december I believe, and I lost the FX chain and forgot what it was. I'm working to rebuild it though. I at least know it contained Fruity Fast Dist, Fruity Reeverb 2, Fruity Delay 2 and Fruity Blood Overdrive.
    Hive Mind had this:
    - Layer 1 (vocals and magic sweeps): processed through Fruity Blood Overdrive and Fruity Parametric EQ 2.
    - Layer 2 (AudioPaint dots render): through same channel as vocals.
    - Layer 3 (THE BENDS): Fruity Phaser -> Fruity Fast Dist -> Fruity Reeverb 2 -> Fruity Delay 2 -> Fruity Blood Overdrive -> EQ low-cut -> 2x Fruity Blood Overdrive -> Fruity Parametric EQ 2 -> Fruity Blood Overdrive -> Fruity Fast LP -> Fruity Blood Overdrive. Insanely much parameters were controlled during recording.

    I really like the unintended ending, in which the delay did some weird things. It only fits Chrysalis all the better haha.
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