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Not Even a Bike - latest synthpp/80's/Berlin School album

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  • Not Even a Bike - latest synthpp/80's/Berlin School album

    Yeah, I know Berlin School has nothing to do with synthpop, but I tossed the description in because of the closing track...
    Anyway, the rest is vocal and 80's tracks.

    From the liner notes:

    "What's an empty bicycle path got to do with some vocal, more or less 80's-sounding music? I don't know and I couldn't explain, but then that's what happens every time my uncle and personal photography teacher Domenico "Sem" Semeraro sends me one of his photos and says "this is for one of your albums". I look at it and it instantly turns into music in my head. Every time I know exactly what I have to do, what music I will record, and every time it's an amazing journey, guided by his incredible pictures.
    Check out his website and his great photos here if you like what you see, leave him a message in the "contacts" section."

    The album is here:

    Thank you in advance to all who'll be patient enough to listen