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Maritropa II - a cyberpunk soundtrack to an imaginary cyberpunk short movie

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  • Maritropa II - a cyberpunk soundtrack to an imaginary cyberpunk short movie

    "Maritropa II" is a sequel to Pulsipher's "Maritropa" from the classic "Isip" album. The original piece presented a nice concept (a city of the future, a female cyber-thief and her run-in with futuristic riot police where she does NOT prevail) and while the whole story was simplistic and silly, "Maritropa" presented some cool music ideas and technical complexity based on a soundtrack-like, story-telling structure and a blend of various genres such as drum and bass/breakcore, industrial and trip hop to tell that silly story of an unsuccessfull cyber-heist.

    Two years later Stateslaver Zero debuted with "Maritropa II", because wasting good ideas is sinful. After watching the classic "Blade Runner", Cyberpunk 2077's teaser trailer, various great cyberpunk artwork on DeviantArt S-Zero ultimately came up with an idea of a developed, more mature Maritropa story and a grandiose imaginary soundtrack.

    There you have it - a remastered version of "Maritropa II":

    Starts with industrial noise and a twisted version of the female cyber-thief theme featured in the original - that's the sound of the prison where she's kept. Then she makes a break for it and ends up back in Maritropa. This is where the fun begins - Stateslaver Zero composed several new themes for the city, for the main character and the riot police.

    You have a beautiful nu jazz/illbient segment with really beautiful, vivid soundscapes, you have a chaotic, pounding industrial segment when the riot police comes in, you have a massive, angelic ambient soundscape with this cathartic effect.

    Yeah, it's pretty cool.