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Cascade (ElectroProg - Seismic Downpour)

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  • Cascade (ElectroProg - Seismic Downpour)

    I've just completed the remix of the third track for the second album. So far, everything is still on schedule, but there are plenty of possibilities for derailment, so I'm taking nothing for granted.

    I split out some of the drum tracks onto separate buses, added some new reverb (Breeze), added a stereoizer to a couple of the synths, re-panned, EQd, levelled, added some Satin and this came out at -9.5dB. I put it through my T-Racks chain, made a -0.2dB adjustment on the compressor and limiter and this one is done.

    I'm taking 2-3 weeks away from this remix project to work on some new music.

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