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Waves (2013 Remix)

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  • Waves (2013 Remix)

    More ElectroProg but with a House vibe - originally from January 2010, This is the fourth time I have revisited the mix here. Filter, EQ, levelling tweaks this time and I added Permut8 to one synth instance and FerricTDS to the Master bus. As always, this is mastered in T-Racks 3. This is probably going on the album.

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    Absolutely stunning. I love this stuff, techno, for on the floor, what-have-you...I always have, always will. Really wonderfully relaxed in control vibe throughout the track. I love the way you do your percussion...simple yet progressive and never boring. The synths really back this thing up and give it such a warm feeling.

    The second half is just off the charts good...I love trancey (is that even a word?!) leads...and this totally delivers. It also brings the song to a peak which makes the drama even that much more prominent.

    A+ and another winner!!! Nice remix Tim.
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      Thanks very much for listening S1gns. Glad you liked it. I originally put this together just after Christmas/New Year 2009/2010. That is usually a fairly mellow time at home and I think it probably shows on here. I had the chance to redo the percussion this week, but I decided to leave it alone apart from a few level/reverb changes. I like these pieces to remain fairly close to the spirit of the original recordings.

      Trancey can be found in Wiktionary
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