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New Track from Tuning Wine Glasses

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  • New Track from Tuning Wine Glasses

    Apologies for not being around for a while, been very busy musically and although new music contains elements of ambient it is moving away into a more melodic space. My latest track has been produced from tuning wine glasses initially and then adding fretless bass and vocals, this one has been a collaborative effort and is also due for live performance. I hope everyone here is well and happy and feeling creative :biggrin:
    It's all an illusion.

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    How is this not ambient? There's some very spacious elements to it. Nice work!

    And by the way, just because you aren't making "ambient" doesn't mean you can't hang out at ambient online... ;)

    Cheers and welcome back,
    S1gns Of L1fe
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      Great in the strange way


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        Thanks S1gns,

        am am still not entirely sure I can define 'ambient' even after numerous discussions here! I'm still very much influenced by ambient sounds for sure but do think my more melodic approach shifts it out of that realm.
        i will hang out more and come say hi more often have just been soooo busy but in a good way. Thanks for your feedback :D
        It's all an illusion.


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          Originally posted by Sky High Diamonds View Post
          am still not entirely sure I can define 'ambient' even after numerous discussions here!
          I don't think anyone can, especially those taking part in the discussions. :D I think you can still use an ambient tag on a song like his, more ambient than not imho.

          That's a lovely piece though. I like the darkness of it, doesn't overwhelm the track, nicely balanced. Maybe I'm being mr literal again but ever listened to Hugo Largo (female vocals, prominent bass...)? Reminded me of them a little.
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            Thank you GaryG, I will check them out. This track has taken months to get together, started recording the wine glasses back in April :eek: and 5 months later now have this.

            cheers x
            It's all an illusion.