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Cover of Imagine Dragons' Demons

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  • Cover of Imagine Dragons' Demons

    Here is my take on this amazing song!
    Hope you like it, if you do don't forget to like/subscribe!!

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    I've moved this to the "Non-Ambient Member Music Releases" Sub forum.

    It's a great song, although I haven't heard the original. One thing that you might want to look at is trying to hide/silence/disguise your breathing. It's something I've noticed quite a lot in various releases over the last 20-25 years. An occasional audible breath or even a sigh, added in just the right place can add drama and emotion to a song, but generally, you should try to hide it where possible.

    Good work

    Have a listen to one of my favourite singer/songrwiters, John Martyn. He had quite a unique style, and you can hear him breathing, but, in the main, he is managing to hide it, or minimise its volume. EQ can probably help here too.

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