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  • Ellie Mae (the enlightened)

    This started as pure ambient but I stumbled across the drum track in ThumbJam and somehow things started to click. The bass layer was done in Magellan (love the new spawn a preset function). Used Animoog, Magellan as an input and FX Loopy AND PGP Wave Mapper. Mastered in Auria. I labelled it as Ambient / Alternative but am really not sure what genre it belongs to but at 7.55 it is definitely not a pop/rock track.

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    Listened to your track on SoundCloud a few minutes ago. Pretty cool! It's amazing how the iPad is developing as a platform. Unfortunately, as the owner of an original iPad, I mostly sit on the sidelines as far as the best new developments go (Auria, Audiobus, etc. Even the 4 track recorder in Animoog chokes my poor little obsolete brick!)
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      Glad you liked it. Yes, the platform is really maturing and I'm pumped to be in the middle of it.

      I'm sure one day your old iPad will be retired or passed on and you'll get the new and powerful one. I bought my 3rd gen one in late June and less than 4 months later one twice as powerful came out and I could really use the horsepower because Auria crashes sometimes with Audiobus. Most of the time in Auria I have to freeze all my tracks and work on one at at time.

      I'm sure the same thing happens with VSTs and DAWs etc. It's just the way it goes.


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        Oh man this is straight up funk-ta-fied!!!!!! Just gave this a proper listen...sounds jammin!!! Love the swing and feel of it...nice layers and sounds too.
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          Cheers S1gns!


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            This was done on a iPad? WOW! I have been neglecting my iPhone as far as music apps go, but then my old 3gs probably won't handle much anyway.

            I remember when I got it, I used to play stuff on alchemy mobile and record with the built-in voice recorder and thought it was cool
            Then with iMaschine it got really interesting!

            Nice track and maybe I'll check out those new apps.


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              Thanks. Glad you liked it. Btw - I just got my first hardware synth, a Minibrute. So I plan to try and integrate it with my iPad. We'll see how that goes.