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Des Rez (2013 Remix)

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  • Des Rez (2013 Remix)

    This track is originally from February 2010. This is second remix of this piece ant took about 3.5 hours. I cleaned up the sonics on the percussion, changed some panning, added some parametric EQ on one synth, relevelled, added FerricTDS to the master bus and mastered in T-Racks. Another one for the album.

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    This is a seriously good, entrancing and addictive! The rez lead is badass :D Love the arps all the way.
    The break down where the drums stop seemed to lose power, but when it starts off again, it's all there!
    And such a multitude of sounds, WOW. When I grow up I want my music to sound like seismic :D :D :D


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      Thanks very much for checking this out, Mario. All of the instruments except for the percussion are RezV2 (monophonic). I love using free synths on these tracks, I feel that they are so under-rated. It's very satisfying to get a decent full sound out of something like this, and without any chords either

      I love putting those breakdown/tension/release sections in there. This track was basically a prototype for the structure of Divide And Conquer. They were written within 4 or 5 weeks of each other. I'm going to try to revisit that sort of pacing for a new track towards the end of the year.

      I'm really glad that you liked it :biggrin:
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