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"Stand Still" I Say (ElectroProg - Seismic Excavation)

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  • "Stand Still" I Say (ElectroProg - Seismic Excavation)

    After 5 months of inactivity, the second album draws slightly closer to completion. 7 tracks completed, leaving 2 more to work on. I completed this last week. There are a few minor changes on here - A slightly tweaked bassline - I reworked the EQ using FreqAnalyst for visual QC - relevelled and made some small changes to the panning. I added Satin to the master bus and increased the DR to 13.

    You can dance if you want to (without hats).
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    Many facets to this track Love the sequenced/arpeggiated stuff, there are some very nice sounds in there, subtle filter movements on those, very tasty! It has that patented propulsive seismic1 groove and as a result this feels like a 3 minute pop number when it lasts 6 minutes. Some nice change-ups after 3:40 and here we come to the slightly iconoclastic observations :biggrin: there's a hint of Gigi D'Agostino from about 3:55 onwards...and if you listen to the very first melodic figure (0:15...) that has a comeback in that last part...cue the opening of Twin Peaks ;) So I can't help but picturing Gigi, David & Angelo on a wild night out...I think the atmospheric sounds in the beginning could have been even more mysterious & drenched in reverb. Some great delays on percussion as well. I liked the mix. A lot. Great stuff!


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      The original 2010 recording contained none of the Pop stuff at all. It was a complete mess. When I revisisited this in 2012, I almost gave up on the spot. After some consideration, and possibly a generous quantity of alcohol, I persevered, and the resulting remix bore very little resemblance to the original. I think the light, poppy rhythm was probably an over-reactive correction to the overbearingly dreary mess that was the original version of this piece. One of my favourite things about this one is that I managed to get a 'tron into a "dance" track. They have a unique sonic signature that is ostensibly dark, but I think it works well in this unlikely context.

      I hadn't heard of Gigi D'Agostino (before my time ), but I can hear similarities to "L'Amour Toujours", particularly in the bassline.

      When I lived in Istanbul, Before the rise of the multiplex cinemas, I went to see Wild at Heart on a BIG screen. That was an experience. I never thought that the act of striking a match, could produce such magnificent imagery on a cinema screen.

      I'll check out the reverb on that intro sometime. All of the reverbs on here are either synth built-ins or IK CSR.

      Thanks very much for the detailed comments, and thanks for listening, phoenstorm. Glad you liked it

      Needless to say, my next track won't be anything like this one :cry:
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