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Acidulator23 an iOS techno jam

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  • Acidulator23 an iOS techno jam

    a couple more of these on the go...

    Thanks for dropping by

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    iOS get some pretty cool apps.

    I kind of wish that Android would get a bit more but, I must admit that, after installing Caustic and a few other apps on my Moto G phone I have hardly used them.
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      Very cool tune.
      Soundcloud | YouTube | Bandcamp


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        Cool track J!

        And, yeah, iOS has some very cool music apps. Here's a list of the ones that I can remember having used in some of my tracks:
        -Animoog (used this the most, this is a must have!)
        - TC-11
        - Borderlands Granular
        - SoundScaper
        - iProphet
        - SECTOR
        - Auria LE
        - Alchemy Mobile
        - iElectribe
        - Filtatron
        I've used all of these at least once, some more often. But I must shamefully admit (GAS confession...) that I have bought a lot more that have not gotten used in anything I've ever felt I wanted to share. Many sound wonderful, and/or have pretty neat touch screen functions. Life is just too short to get to all of this stuff!
        I am going to use Lemur for controlling soft synths in the real computer :D more though...I am determined